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Specify Meter Color & Digit Size, Meter Power and a Signal Conditioner from the list below. Specify Analog Output, Setpoint Output and Digital Interface if needed. These meters are shipped with a standard configuration and range shown below for each signal conditioner and output option type. All information for making changes is covered in the supplied Owners Manual. For other scalings or configurations, add the SC (Special Configuration) option.


The Micro stopwatch meter can time single events from 1 µs to 999,999 hrs, with a resolution down to 0.2 µs for fast events. It can time processes which produce start and stop pulses, or time the width of a single pulse. The display is updated continuously during timing of slow events.

  • A-A Stopwatch Mode. Time can be measured between a start pulse and a stop pulse, both on Channel A, from either the positive or negative edges.

  • A-B Stopwatch Mode. Time can also be measured between a start pulse on Channel A (positive or negative edge) and a stop pulse on Channel B (positive or negative edge). This mode allows inputs from different sources. In addition, the A and B inputs can be tied together to start the stopwatch with one polarity and stop it with the other polarity.

Timing is achieved by counting 5.5 MHz clock pulses. Micro stopwatch timers use the FR dual-channel signal conditioner and Extended counter main board.


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