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Specify Meter Color & Digit Size, Meter Power and a Signal Conditioner from the list below. Specify Analog Output, Setpoint Output and Digital Interface if needed. These meters are shipped with a standard configuration and range shown below for each signal conditioner and output option type. All information for making changes is covered in the supplied Owners Manual. For other scalings or configurations, add the SC (Special Configuration) option.


The Micro Series batch controller is a powerful and highly accurate production workhorse in the form of a compact 1/8 DIN panel meter. It can display the current batch total (Item #1), grand total or number of batches (Item #2), and flow rate (Item #3). All displayed values are scaled to engineering units of volume or flow.

The batch controller utilizes the Extended counter main board and FR dual channel signal conditioner board to accept a wide range of pulse signals, in particular those from turbine flowmeters. The same signal is applied in parallel to the A and B channels.

A 8A contact relay serves as the batch relay to control repetitive fill operations. It repeats the batch cycles continually with a programmable delay from 10 ms to 199.99 sec, or based on an external control input. The batch total (Item #1) can be set up to count up from zero to a preset limit, or down from a preset limit to zero. The single-relay board fits in the slot which would otherwise be available for the analog output board.

An optional dual relay board (8A contact or 0.12 A AC/DC solid state relays) is normally used. Either relay can be assigned to the batch total (Item #1) to serve as a pre-warn to slow down filling near the setpoint, to the grand total or number of batches (Item #2), or to flow rate (Item #3).

An optional RS232 or RS485 board allows the batch controller to transmit Items #1, #2 and #3, as well as peak for #3 (rate). If required, all four items can be displayed simultaneously by augmenting the batch controller with up to three Micro 1/8 DIN remote displays. Each of these can have its own analog output and dual relays for alarm or control.


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